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Student Testimonials

Don’s method of teaching and his calm yet obviously passionate demeanor is a perfect combination that resulted in an atmosphere that was immediately welcoming to me. I have only been learning from Don for a few months, but I have made strides in my playing that have completely astounded me. His ability to break a song down while maintaining the valuable lessons in musical theory have allowed me to pick up playing the guitar much more simply than I would have thought. I can see that he is laying the foundation for a sound understanding of the theory behind the music, and growth. I am very pleased with my decision to work with Don.
-Jordan C.

I am 47 years old and finally getting around to doing something I have always wanted to do, taking guitar lessons. I took my 9 year-old son to lessons at Don’s for over a half year before finally jumping in myself. Don is a patient and thorough teacher. I have learned a ton and feel strongly that my progress is a direct result of his abilities as a teacher.
-John F.

don sanni has been my teacher for 2 years and he is good. he’s patient,easy going,can play anything;your music or his. i’ve learned many styles .he showed me the tools to play the notes in time and in tune and with the correct touch to make the song sound right. I enjoy the lessons and will keep going,thanks don
-jack from brookline nh

Don Sanni is a fantastic teacher. I have never touched a guitar before and within a few weeks I was playing! He is a very patient teacher and I am very comfortable in his class. His lesson plan is wonderful with music theory combined with the playing.
-Robert M., 11/09

Student Testimonials

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